My Why

Apr 30, 2023 | Blog, Wellness

On my first day of chiropractic school, they separated us into small groups. We then went around in a circle, and everyone had to say their “why.” They explained to us that your “why” is what you must cling to help you get through the strenuous education that was coming for us. Everyone’s responses varied from personal experiences to family reasons as to why they chose this profession.

I left that day befuddled. I sincerely had no idea what my “why” was or why I moved 370 miles to attend chiropractic school. I honestly can’t even remember what I said. Likely some superficial response about helping people, which wasn’t entirely wrong, but I knew deep down it would take more than that for this to become my passion.

Fast forward 1.5 years when close family members were fighting for their life due to illness, and it was that day that I decided it was time to search for a sense of true wellness within myself and focus more on preventative medicine. 

I always knew we lived in a sick-care system; however, I was raised with a traditional Western medicine mindset. In fact, I struggled with asthma as far back as I can remember. I didn’t know any different. However, while in Chiropractic school, I kept learning more and more about the benefits of nervous system-based Chiropractic care. 

After receiving constant Chiropractic care during graduate school, I quickly noticed an improvement in my asthma. I have been perfecting the art of the Chiropractic adjustment ever since. 

In retrospect, I realize this is my “why”: To be a disciple to others while helping them find a deeper connection within themselves to seek out true wellness in a preventative matter through the art of Chiropractic. 

This is why I opened The Chiro Co. 

This is why I serve people all day. 

This is why I strive to treat my body and every body who walks through The Chiro Co.’s door like a temple. 

I truly believe Chiropractic is a gift from God and is one of the most powerful things we can do for our human body. 

In reflection, figuring out my “why” was very beneficial in helping me find clarity on my purpose here on earth. What is your “why?”

In wellness,

Dr. Jenna Carter, D.C.

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