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Subluxation: What it means and How It Can Effect You

Subluxation: What it means and How It Can Effect You

Ever heard us use the term “subluxation” and wondered what it means? The term may be unfamiliar, but it has been used in the chiropractic field for over a century.

I will break it down for you. 🧠

What is a Subluxation?

In our world of chiropractic care, a subluxation refers to an interference in the communication between your brain and your body. It’s like a traffic jam on the information highway, where vital signals can’t flow freely. This can leave your brain stuck in ‘fight or flight’ mode, where stress and tension build up over time.

Imagine it as your body’s stress signal being constantly switched on. Chiropractic adjustments will help clear the traffic and restore that vital connection between your brain and body.

It’s like opening up the lanes for smooth communication, bringing balance back into your life.

When interference to nerve transmission is removed, not only may pain and inflammation be relieved in specific areas such as the back, neck, arms, hands, legs and feet, but full expression of the spinal nerves that carry signals to every part of the body may be restored.

Say Hello to a More Relaxed & Resilient You

When stress or tension occur in an area of the spine, interference between the brain and the nervous system occur which is then called a subluxation. A clear and connected nervous system is the ultimate foundation for healing and regulating naturally.

What causes subluxation? The Effects of a Subluxation


1.) Emotional Stress

Emotional stress patterns can be caused from past or present stress, anxiety or depression, family or work stress, previous trauma, or negativity.

2.) Physical Stress

Physical stress patterns can be caused by injuries or falls, repetitive movements, poor posture, birth trauma, wearing heels daily, or car accidents.

3.) Chemical Stress

Chemical stressors can be caused from fragrances, artificial coloring, skin care products, candles, cleaning solutions, medications, air pollution, or any other toxic products.

What You Can Do: Chiropractic Adjustments for Subluxation Treatment

If you have stiffness, soreness or pain in your joints, neck or back and want to avoid painful, expensive surgery and drugs; the most recommended solution is to see a chiropractor to determine if a subluxation is the cause. Chiropractic care removes interference along the spine, allowing the nervous system to flow optimally. When the nervous system is clear of any interference, it can better adapt to chemical, physical, and emotional stressors.

For a professional assessment to accurately evaluate the presence and extent of your subluxations, reach out to our skilled chiropractor, Dr. Jenna Carter, at The Chiro Co. in Grapevine, Texas. We will provide all of our patients with thorough exams before recommending treatments. You’ll receive a custom strategy to help manage the pain of subluxation and together we will work out a plan that is best for you.

A clear and connected nervous system is the ultimate foundation for healing and regulating naturally.

The Effects of a Subluxation and living life to the fullest

If you believe you are suffering from subluxations, contact our chiropractic clinic today. We are located right in the heart of DFW, just a short drive from Fort Worth, Dallas, Keller, Euless, Bedford, Flower Mound, Southlake, Coppell, and Colleyville, Texas.

Are you running on stress hormones?

Are you running on stress hormones?

What exactly are stress hormones?

Stress hormones are chemicals released in your body during times of stress. The primary stress hormones are cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine.

These hormones are crucial in response to stress, but chronic activation of the stress-response system and overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones can disrupt almost all your body’s processes.

This long-term activation can contribute to various health problems, including anxiety, depression, digestive problems, heart disease, sleep problems, weight gain and much more.

How do you know if you are running on stress hormones?

When your nervous system is stuck in the fight or flight mode you may experience various physical, emotional, and behavioral signs indicating that your body is constantly under stress.

This can result in low energy, immune issues, trouble with digestion, and other daily discomforts.

So… how can we get out of this fight or flight pattern?

Getting out of the “fight or flight” mode involves activating your parasympathetic nervous system, the part of your autonomic nervous system that controls rest and digestion.

Here are 3 effective things you can do to help activate rest and digest and stop running on stress hormones:
Stress Hormones: Ready to get out of fight or flight?

Ready to get out of fight or flight?

Our goal at The Chiro Co. is to meet you wherever you are currently in your health journey and work together to find a new level of health and healing.

Let’s Connect!

Top 4 Effective Strategies for a Healthy Nervous System

Top 4 Effective Strategies for a Healthy Nervous System

Understanding the nervous system’s structure and function is essential for maintaining its health. Think of your nervous system as a complex network of access roads that feed into bigger roads, eventually connecting to the interstate. The smaller roads represent the nerves, while the interstate symbolizes the spine.

When the nervous system operates optimally, this “road network” flawlessly transports messages to and from the brain. However, without a clear and balanced nervous system, “roadblocks” can lead to miscommunication between the brain and the body, impairing function and well-being.

Here are four strategies to ensure your nervous system functions like a well-maintained highway:

1.) Regular Chiropractic Adjustments: The First Step to a Functioning Nervous System

Regular chiropractic care is pivotal for transitioning your body from a heightened state of alertness to a more relaxed mode. For a robust nervous system, regular chiropractic adjustments are key. They ensure that your “roads” are clear of any blockages, enabling smooth communication throughout the body.

Instead of

2.) Prayer: Essential for Nervous System Maintenance

Prayer can be a powerful tool for calming your mind and fortifying your nervous system health. Engaging in prayer has been shown to lower stress and can also help regulate your heart rate and lower blood pressure. Fostering a healthy nervous system.


3.) Sleep: The Cornerstone of Nervous System Health

Sleep significantly impacts your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Quality sleep is non-negotiable for a healthy nervous system. Establishing and maintaining a regular sleep pattern of at least 8 hours can significantly enhance your nervous system’s integrity and resilience.

If you’re wondering why sleep is so important, just take a look at what happens when you don’t get enough of it. There are various factors that can impact the quantity and quality of your sleep. Not sleeping enough can cause the following short-term effects:

  • Slowed reflexes.
  • Trouble thinking or concentrating.
  • Mood effects, including feeling irritable, depressed or anxious.
  • Headaches.
  • Decreased immune system effectiveness and getting sick more often.


4.) Introduce Cold Exposure Therapy

Cold exposure therapy is like an upgrade to your nervous system’s “traffic management,” ensuring that messages are sent and received without delay or confusion. Cold exposure lowers sympathetic activation and causes a shift toward increased parasympathetic activity. This parasympathetic side of our nervous system is the rest and digest side where communication between our brain and body flow perfectly!

When you are exposed to cold temperatures, your body’s sympathetic nervous system is triggered. This system is responsible for the “fight or flight” response, controlling functions such as heart rate and breathing.

As you become accustomed to the cold, you can learn to resist this automatic response and instead activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This system helps prevent your body from becoming overexerted and restores a state of calmness and composure.

To begin training yourself for cold exposure, it is recommended to adapt the body through a twenty-day challenge: take a cold shower every day and gradually increase the time you spend in the cold. The first day, you can begin with just a twenty-second cold shower. Every day, you increase the length of time by ten to fifteen seconds, so that the time you spend gets longer and longer.

If you’re up for a little discomfort, exposing yourself to cold temperatures can be a highly effective method for training your body’s autonomic systems, strengthening your vascular system, and improving your mental health. Here is a great article if you want to learn more about the benefits of training your nervous system with cold exposure.

Take The Next Step Towards a Healthy Nervous System

Our highways and roads are vital for transportation, and so is your nervous system for your body. Keeping it in peak condition is our priority. Visit our blog for more expert tips. Help maintain your nervous system’s health, schedule a free consultation or a chiropractic appointment on our online scheduling page or call The Chiro Co. at 214.997.1266.

Chiropractic Solutions for Sleep Difficulties: Enhancing Rest at All Ages 💤

Chiropractic Solutions for Sleep Difficulties: Enhancing Rest at All Ages 💤

Addressing Sleep Difficulties with Chiropractic Care

Did you know that chiropractic care can improve sleep cycles in all ages? 💤 Our holistic approach can be particularly effective for those experiencing sleep difficulties. By removing interference between the brain and the body, individuals have noted:


Reducing Aches and Pains for Better Sleep

Chiropractic care is often sought for relief from musculoskeletal pain, such as back, neck, or joint pain. While chiropractic can decrease aches or pains, it addresses the root cause of what is actually happening! Individuals can experience reduced discomfort, making it easier to find a comfortable sleep position and stay asleep throughout the night.

Stress Reduction for Improved Sleep

Chiropractic adjustments are known to reduce stress and promote relaxation. a key solution for sleep difficulties. Lower stress levels can lead to better sleep, as stress is a common contributor to sleep issues. A relaxed body and mind are essential to falling asleep and staying asleep.

Enhancing Nervous System Function for Quality Rest

Chiropractic aims to optimize nervous system function by removing subluxations (misalignments) that can interfere with nerve signaling. A well-functioning nervous system can help regulate sleep-wake cycles and promote deep, restorative sleep, thus addressing sleep difficulties.

Balanced Hormones for Healthy Sleep Patterns

Proper sleep and hormonal balance are closely linked. Chiropractic care may influence hormone production and regulation by ensuring that the brain can communicate effectively with the endocrine system. This balance is crucial for overcoming sleep issues.

Alleviating Sleep Disorders

Many sleep disorders, like sleep apnea, are related to brain-body communication issues. Chiropractic care allows individuals to have fewer sleep disorders, thus addressing sleep difficulties by promoting better airflow and reducing symptoms.


Improving Pediatric Sleep

Chiropractic care can benefit children in many ways such as colic, reflux, bedwetting, and sleep disturbances. This means more peaceful nights for both the kiddos and their parents.

If you or a loved one are facing sleep difficulties, consider chiropractic care as a viable solution. Contact us at 📞214.997.1266 to discuss your health goals and discover how chiropractic care may aid in improving your sleep quality.

Christmas in Grapevine: Voted One of the Most ‘Christmassy’ Towns in America

Christmas in Grapevine: Voted One of the Most ‘Christmassy’ Towns in America

A recent survey of 3,000 families was conducted to find out which festive destinations families would most like to visit this Christmas season. Our historic, festive town made the top 50.

If you’re looking for a great destination this Christmas for the whole family, head north of Dallas and Fort Worth. With a population of just over 50,000, Grapevine, Texas magically transforms into a captivating winter wonderland during the holiday season. Every corner of the town is adorned with an enchanting array of millions of twinkling lights and extravagant decorations.

dr jenna north pole express photo

Get ready to step into a winter wonderland as you explore the streets of Historic Downtown Grapevine, the Christmas Capital of Texas®. If you’re looking to make memorable moments this holiday season with your family, a loved one, or simply enjoy a one-of-a-kind Christmas getaway, Grapevine has got you covered! Immerse yourself in the charm of this special, nostalgic experience with top Christmas activities.

Christmas in Grapevine: Our Favorite Things to Do

Christmas in Grapevine is about a lot more than food and retail. Our town goes all out for Christmas! There are more than 1,400 Christmas events happening here, including the North Pole Express, which we just had an Instagram giveaway for 2 free tickets to the sold-out event on Friday, December 8th.🎄 


      • Feel the magic of Christmas onboard the North Pole Express! A festive journey featuring traditional Christmas sing-alongs, Christmas characters and photos and interaction with Santa!
      • It’s always a delightful tradition to drop by the renovated Palace Theater for a classic holiday movie.
      • The annual Carol of Lights celebration, where there is a Christmas tree lighting off Grapevine’s historic Main Street.
      • The Gaylord Texan Resort has stunning decorations during the Christmas season. They have a spectacular ice exhibit, aptly named ICE! The themed exhibit features two million pounds of hand-carved ice sculptures.
      • If you happen to visit on the first Thursday of December, you can catch the Parade of Lights on Main Street. One of the largest lighted Christmas parades in North Texas.
      • And let’s not forget about Grapevine’s awesome wineries. They serve up warm, spiced wines with a delightful Texas twist, adding some extra festive cheer to the holiday season.

Visit Grapevine: Voted One of America’s Favorite ‘Christmassy’ Towns

I hope this brought a little holiday spirit to your Christmas season. Come and experience the magic of the Christmas Capital of Texas, the ultimate destination for your family’s Christmas vacation. We guarantee you the best festive experience that will create lasting memories.

How Chiropractic Care Helps Support Our Hormones

How Chiropractic Care Helps Support Our Hormones

How Chiropractic Care Helps Support Our Hormones ✨

Hormones are responsible for SO many functions in our body, including metabolism, growth, mood, growth, and development. The endocrine system is directly responsible for releasing hormones, but if the endocrine system is under stress, it can lead to hormonal imbalances in your body followed by an endless list of symptoms.

When there is stored stress within the spine, this affects the communication between the brain + the endocrine system. This disconnect can lead to irregular cycles, acne, fatigue, painful periods and much more.

The endocrine system is under influence of the nervous system, when we have an optimal functioning nervous system, our hormones can actually do their job!

Infographic showing How Chiropractic Care Helps Support Our Hormones and of the endocrine system and the glands that are responsible for hormones.

The purpose of chiropractic is to FREE the body of any interferences so that all systems within the body can function at their optimal level.

Are you struggling with your cycle, acne, low energy, or trouble conceiving? Lets look at getting your nervous system functioning at its optimal level so it can communicate with your endocrine system properly!

Give us a call at 214.997.1266 to schedule your appointment today or book online here.

Nature’s Safe Swaps – Our favorite “tools” to keep in our “Natural Medicine Cabinet”

Nature’s Safe Swaps – Our favorite “tools” to keep in our “Natural Medicine Cabinet”

Did you know that your body is self healing and self regulating just the way you are? Sometimes, the body just needs a little support to heal quicker!

Scroll down to find out Dr. Jenna’s favorite “tools” to keep in our “natural medicine cabinet”.

We love being a holistic resource for our Chiro Co. community!

The great thing about all of these suggestions is that they can be taken solo or combined together. The goal is to always support the nervous system through chiropractic care and layer on these “natural tools” as needed!

natural remedies for ear infections

Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

Instead of turning to antibiotics at the first sight of tugging of ears… Some of our favorite “tools” we like to keep in our “natural medicine cabinet” is trying upper cervical (neck) chiropractic care, garlic mullein oil or colloidal silver in the ears, lemon oil on a cotton ball in the ears, and doing lymph drainage techniques.

natural remedies for constipation


Instead of using laxatives or more invasive medications such as miralax… Some of our favorite “tools” we like to keep in our “natural medicine cabinet” is chiropractic care, peppermint essential oil dropped into toilet before sitting, probiotics, beef liver, or magnesium.

natural remedies for fevers


Instead of giving Tylenol to reduce fevers… Try letting the body heal itself by doing nothing or focus on detox baths using epsom salt and ACV, or wet sock remedy.
natural remedies for allergies


Instead of giving a z-pack or Claritin…Try going to the chiropractor for sinus release techniques, using peppermint, lavender, and lemon essential oils, nebulizer, local honey, saline nasal rinses

natural remedies for cough


Instead of taking cough medicine… Try going to the chiropractor who can work on the respiratory system, NAC, nebulizer with saline, colloidal silver, or magnesium chloride, and acupuncture.

natural remedies for sleep


Instead of taking melatonin or nyquil to fall asleep… Try regular chiropractic care, acupuncture, magnesium, tart cherry juice, limit blue light before bed, or taking a warm bath before bed.
natural remedies for the stomach bug

Stomach Bug

Instead of running to the ER… Some of our favorite “tools” we like to keep in our “natural medicine cabinet” is to focus on hydration through electrolytes (here’s our fav), resting, bone broth, or arsenicum homeopath.

natural remedies for headaches


Instead of taking Advil, Tylenol, or any migraine medication… Try acupuncture, regular chiropractic care, peppermint essential oil, rest, hydration, and arnica homeopath.


Lastly, it is our hope that this has given you some insight on the benefits of working with a qualified chiropractor as well as the positive impact of natural self care and supplements. Dr. Jenna Carter, D.C., is here to support YOU with a natural, holistic approach to health care and a treatment plan specifically tailored to you.

Discover how you and your family can benefit from chiropractic care at The Chiro Co. in Grapevine, Texas. If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation, give us a call at 214-997-1266 or book an appointment online.

How Chiropractic Improves the Respiratory System

How Chiropractic Improves the Respiratory System

Chiropractic care may contribute to improving the respiratory system and overall lung function in several ways, potentially leading to better breathing, reduced asthma symptoms, fewer allergies and congestion issues, and improved vitality.

Here are 5 ways that chiropractic care can impact respiratory health and potentially help you breath better:

1. Enhanced Nervous System Function

Chiropractic focuses on correcting subluxations (misalignments) in the spine that can interfere with the nervous system’s communication. Since the nervous system controls all bodily functions, including respiration, optimizing its function through chiropractic care may lead to improved respiratory control and lung function.

How can chiropractic care help the respiratory system

2. Reduced Asthma Symptoms

By addressing the area of the spine that can affect the nerves controlling the lungs and airways, chiropractic care may help reduce the frequency and severity of asthma attacks. Improved lung function and bronchial responsiveness have been reported in asthma patients after chiropractic care.
image showing Everyone in the entire family can benefit from chiropractic care

3. Balanced Immune Response

Chiropractic care promotes overall wellness, including a balanced immune system. A well-functioning immune system can help reduce allergic reactions, making it beneficial for individuals prone to allergies and congestion. By optimizing nervous system function, chiropractic care may enhance the body’s ability to adapt to allergens and environmental factors. While chiropractic care can improve respiratory function, it allows for the body to feel and adapt much easier to the external environment. Everyone in the entire family can benefit from chiropractic care through all seasons of life!
chiropractor adjusting kid showing mid thoracic (middle of your back) has a direct connection to your respiratory system

4. Improved Posture and Lung Capacity

Proper posture plays a huge role in lung function. Enhanced posture can lead to better lung expansion and improved breathing efficiency, contributing to increased vitality and overall well-being. Did you know that your mid thoracic (middle of your back) has a direct connection to your respiratory system? Chiropractic care may contribute to improving the respiratory system and overall lung function in several ways, potentially leading to better breathing, reduced asthma symptoms, fewer allergies and congestion issues, and improved vitality.

5. Stress Reduction

Chiropractic care is known to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Stress can exacerbate respiratory conditions and lead to shallow breathing. By reducing stress levels, chiropractic care may help individuals breathe more deeply and comfortably.

It is our hope that this has given you some insight on the benefits of working with a qualified chiropractor, and the positive impact it can have on the quality of your breathing and respiratory system. Do you or a loved one struggle with respiratory or breathing issues? Dr. Jenna Carter, D.C., is here to support YOU with a natural, holistic approach to health care and a treatment plan specifically tailored to you.

Discover how you and your family can benefit from chiropractic care at The Chiro Co. in Grapevine, Texas. If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation, give us a call at 214-997-1266 or book an appointment online.

Giving Thanks for Your Health and Wellness

Giving Thanks for Your Health and Wellness

Dear Chiro Co. Family,

As we approach the season of gratitude, we wanted to take a moment to express our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you for trusting us with your health and wellness. We’re so grateful to have you as a part of our chiropractic family, and we hope you’re as excited as we are for the Thanksgiving holiday! 

This time of year, it’s crucial to remember that our health is one of the most precious gifts we have. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a special Thanksgiving newsletter to share some valuable tips and updates:

Give Thanks for Good Health: Take a moment this Thanksgiving to appreciate your well-being. Chiropractic care supports your body’s ability to heal and function optimally. If you haven’t been in for a while, why not schedule an adjustment to show your nervous system some love?

free stanley tumbler

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The best compliment you can give is sharing us with others! We believe everyone can benefit from chiropractic care and Google reviews are one way we can spread the word.

Please consider sharing your experience at The Chiro Co. by leaving us a Google review and in return we will gift you a new Stanley Tumbler while supplies last!

black friday sale box

Black Friday Holiday Sale

Celebrating New & Existing clients!!

It’s the perfect time to share the gift of health with your loved ones. From now until the end of 2023 new clients will receive $50 off an initial session and those that refer new clients will also receive $50 off one session.

holiday hours

Holiday Hours

Office Hours for the Holidays–

Please take note of our special holiday hours to ensure you can fit in your appointments and stay on the path to optimal health & wellness.

In celebration of Thanksgiving we will be closed Wednesday, November 22nd through Friday, November 24th. In celebration of Christmas, we will be out of the office December 25th-January 1st.

holistic chiropractor social media

Join our Health and Wellness Community!

Do you follow @thechiroco?

If you’re not already part of our The Chiro Co. community on social media, now’s the time to connect with us. We share valuable health and wellness information, giveaways, promotions, and more on our Instagram and Facebook.
As you gather with friends and family this Thanksgiving, remember that your health is a gift, and we’re here to support you on your journey to well-being. We’re thankful for the trust you’ve placed in us, and we look forward to continuing to serve you. Wishing you a joyful and healthy Thanksgiving! Warm regards,

Dr. Jenna Carter, D.C.

Join us for the Salad in a Jar Workshop

Join us for the Salad in a Jar Workshop

You’re invited to join us!

Mason Jar Salad Workshop Event Nov 2
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3 Mason Jar Salads!

Sign up for 2 ingredients. Bring your ingredients, 3 wide mouth mason jars, a serving bowl & spoon.


6:30 PM

Thursday, Nov. 2, 2023

621 N. Main St., Suite 102, Grapevine, TX

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Top 11 Natural Ways to Boost Your Nervous System for Optimal Health

Top 11 Natural Ways to Boost Your Nervous System for Optimal Health

Did you know that your nervous system is the command center of your body, overseeing everything from your heartbeat to your breathing? It’s integral to your health and wellness, so the question is, what have you done to support it today?

If you’re looking for natural, simple ways to keep your nervous system running smoothly, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of 11 natural strategies to nurture your nervous system:

1.) Manage Stress

Chronic stress can wreak havoc on your nervous system, impairing its functionality over time. How about taking up stress-reducing activities such as mindfulness meditation, deep breathing exercises, or even a simple walk in nature to help your nervous system stay balanced?

2.) Practice Mindfulness Techniques like Prayer

Mindfulness techniques like meditation or prayer not only calm the mind but also contribute to overall nervous system health by reducing anxiety and promoting overall well-being.

3.) Protect Your Nervous System: Limit Exposure to Toxins

Environmental toxins, including pesticides, heavy metals, and pollutants, can impact your nervous system negatively. Are you taking measures to limit your exposure to these harmful substances?

consistent chiropractic care adjustment image

4.) Discover the Benefits of Consistent Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care isn’t just about sorting out back issues—it’s also vital for balancing the brain-body connection, ensuring a healthy nervous system. How often do you consider your spine’s health in your wellness routine?

5.) Harness the Power of Herbal Supplements

Herbs like ashwagandha, valerian root, chamomile, and passionflower have traditionally been used to support nervous system health. Do you have a favorite herb for promoting relaxation and balance?

6.) A Healthy Diet: Key to a Robust Nervous System

Eating a balanced diet full of nutrient-rich foods provides the essential vitamins and minerals your nervous system needs to function optimally. Are you making sure your diet supports your nervous system health?

7.) Hydrate for a Happy Brain

Dehydration can affect brain function and impair cognitive abilities. Are you drinking enough water throughout the day? Consider our favorite electrolyte drink mix, LMNT, for optimal hydration.

8.) Boost Your Nervous System with Regular Exercise

Regular physical activity promotes the release of endorphins, improves mood, reduces stress, and enhances blood circulation, supporting brain function. What’s your go-to workout for boosting your mood and brain health?

Boost Your Nervous System with Regular Exercise

9.) The Power of Sleep for Nervous System Restoration

Striving for 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night is vital for the restoration and regeneration of your nervous system. Are you giving your body the rest it deserves?

10.) Maintain Balance: Limit Caffeine and Alcohol

Excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol can disrupt your brain’s neurotransmitters and negatively affect your nervous system. Are you practicing moderation for your nervous system’s sake?

11.) Stay Socially Connected for Emotional Well-Being

Maintaining strong social connections and engaging in activities with friends and loved ones can help reduce stress and promote emotional well-being. How are you nurturing your social connections for a balanced nervous system?

So, what’s your plan today to support your nervous system? Share your strategies in the comments below, or perhaps, you have your own tips to share. Remember, a healthy nervous system is a vital step toward optimal health and well-being!

What happens in vagus…

What happens in vagus…

The vagus nerve has recently become a hot topic in the holistic community. However, chiropractors have always known the importance, and here’s why:

The vagus nerve is one of the most important nerves in the body. It’s the longest nerve in the autonomic nervous system, which controls many of the body’s automatic functions, such as heart rate and digestion. But the vagus nerve does much more than that. It also plays a crucial role in regulating inflammation, mood, and immune function.

What is the Vagus Nerve?

The Latin word “vagus” means wandering. It truly does “wander” around your body. The vagus nerve is a cranial nerve that extends from the brainstem to the abdomen. It’s responsible for many important functions, including:

  1. Heart Rate: The vagus nerve helps regulate heart rate by sending signals to the heart to slow down or speed up as needed.
  2. Digestion: The vagus nerve also plays a role in digestion by sending signals to the stomach and intestines to contract and release digestive enzymes.
  3. Inflammation: The vagus nerve helps regulate inflammation by sending signals to the immune system to reduce inflammation when it’s no longer needed.
  4. Mood: The vagus nerve plays a role in mood regulation by sending signals to the brain that affect the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin.

How Does the Vagus Nerve Affect Your Health?

  1. Stress Reduction: The vagus nerve is involved in the body’s relaxation response, which helps reduce stress and anxiety. Activating the vagus nerve through deep breathing, meditation, or other relaxation techniques can help reduce stress and improve overall health.
  2. Improved Digestion: The vagus nerve helps regulate digestion by sending signals to the stomach and intestines. Dysfunction of the vagus nerve can lead to digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, and acid reflux.
  3. Reduced Inflammation: The vagus nerve plays a crucial role in regulating inflammation. By activating the vagus nerve, it’s possible to reduce inflammation and promote healing.
  4. Improved Mood: The vagus nerve plays a role in mood regulation by affecting the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin. By activating the vagus nerve, it’s possible to improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  5. Better Immune Function: The vagus nerve helps regulate immune function by sending signals to the immune system. Dysfunction of the vagus nerve can lead to increased inflammation and a weakened immune system.

Our bodies are self-healing and self-regulating; however, we sometimes get stuck in survival mode. Regular chiropractic care increases your vagus nerve activity and allows us to find balance in your autonomic nervous system and get out of survival mode. 

We detect the strength of your vagus nerve response through vagal tone and adjust accordingly. When the vagus nerve is stimulated it promotes calmness in our nervous system, which allows for healing, growth, and happiness. 

The vagus nerve plays a crucial role in many aspects of health, including stress reduction, digestion, inflammation, mood, and immune function. By understanding the vagus nerve and how it affects your health, it’s possible to take steps to improve your overall well-being. If you’re struggling with stress, digestive issues, inflammation, mood disorders, or immune dysfunction, consider speaking with your Chiropractor about ways to activate the vagus nerve and improve your health.

My Why

My Why

On my first day of chiropractic school, they separated us into small groups. We then went around in a circle, and everyone had to say their “why.” They explained to us that your “why” is what you must cling to help you get through the strenuous education that was coming for us. Everyone’s responses varied from personal experiences to family reasons as to why they chose this profession.

I left that day befuddled. I sincerely had no idea what my “why” was or why I moved 370 miles to attend chiropractic school. I honestly can’t even remember what I said. Likely some superficial response about helping people, which wasn’t entirely wrong, but I knew deep down it would take more than that for this to become my passion.

Fast forward 1.5 years when close family members were fighting for their life due to illness, and it was that day that I decided it was time to search for a sense of true wellness within myself and focus more on preventative medicine. 

I always knew we lived in a sick-care system; however, I was raised with a traditional Western medicine mindset. In fact, I struggled with asthma as far back as I can remember. I didn’t know any different. However, while in Chiropractic school, I kept learning more and more about the benefits of nervous system-based Chiropractic care. 

After receiving constant Chiropractic care during graduate school, I quickly noticed an improvement in my asthma. I have been perfecting the art of the Chiropractic adjustment ever since. 

In retrospect, I realize this is my “why”: To be a disciple to others while helping them find a deeper connection within themselves to seek out true wellness in a preventative matter through the art of Chiropractic. 

This is why I opened The Chiro Co. 

This is why I serve people all day. 

This is why I strive to treat my body and every body who walks through The Chiro Co.’s door like a temple. 

I truly believe Chiropractic is a gift from God and is one of the most powerful things we can do for our human body. 

In reflection, figuring out my “why” was very beneficial in helping me find clarity on my purpose here on earth. What is your “why?”

In wellness,

Dr. Jenna Carter, D.C.

How many visits will I need?

How many visits will I need?

Our bodies were reverently designed to provide warning signs when the balance is broken and our health is jeopardized. We would love for consistent chiropractic care to be an integral part of your self-care routine.

Our goal is to help maintain your system’s natural balance by increasing the awareness of your body’s warning signs, and reacting in order to best maintain your health.

As for number of visits, everyone is different. Dr. Jenna will perform an exam during your first visit and provide you with wellness recommendations to get you back on track.

These recommendations are just that, recommendations. This is meant to be a collaborative effort as we partner on the next steps in your health journey.

What is Webster Technique?

What is Webster Technique?

The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic technique that can be used on all weight-bearing individuals. We most regularly use it on pregnant women.

Our goal at The Chiro Co. is to reduce nervous system stress, reduce pelvic misalignments, and reduce nerve interference so that your body can adapt and function properly.

The Chiro Co. founder and local Grapevine chiropractor, Dr. Jenna, is a Webster Certified Practitioner through the ICPA.